Friday, December 9, 2011

Tickle His Pickle by Dr. Sadie Allison

Tickle His Pickle is written by Dr. Sadie Allison. It is a hands on guide to penis pleasing!This book was written in such a way that it was very organized and informative but it also kept me interested through the whole thing.There are 10 chapters in this small and easy to read book.This is an easy read with great illustrations.
This book offers techniques to master oral sex, 10 tips to avoid the biggest penis no-no, sex toy tricks that will supercharge his orgasms, and you will find out where the tiny erogenous zone is that will make him have king sized orgasms.The book is filled with funny, quirky, off-the-wall sayings, like “Meet the penis, your living sex toy”, the book is also filled with funny little pictures.There is even a guided tour of penises, telling you all about them, and how not just their sizes is different, but also the direction in which they point!! The book also tells you how to handle the balls and foreskin. There is also a recipe in there for tasty love juice, so if you don't like the taste of your mans love juice you can whip up this recipe.There is even advice on foreplay: things a woman might not think of on her own, a section on how to groom the penis, a section on different lubricants. I could go on with all the magical things you can find in this book, but I recommend you whip out your cash and buys yours now.

Bring your magic to the  bedroom, or for that matter any room!!!!! I've learned so much from this book and I highly recommend it. My guy was so pleased with all the different techniques I've learned and you BET I made him have king sized orgasms!! So this book doesn't lie you will be happy and so will your man!This is one of the better F. books. It's got some great ideas and wonderful instruction and was just what I was looking for.
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Don't want a book? Well just get some new hott sex toys :)!

Happy penis pleasing!!!


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  1. "Meet the penis, your living sex toy" it's only too bad they don't vibrate!