Thursday, October 21, 2010

Butteryfly Ring for Couples! From The Adult Toy Shoppe!

I recently emailed a company to see about reviewing a sex toy!! They wrote back really fast, customer service was great, and I was so suprised on how fast the shipping was! I recieved my item 2 days later!! What more could you ask for! Great customer service, fast shipping, great prices, and great products! :)

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This was me and my partners first sex toy, and I have to say this toy is awesome! It brought me and my partners experience to a whole new level. This toy spiced things up a little! As he was going inside me I could feel the vibrations from his penis which felt amazing! I felt sensations that I never felt before.He also loved the vibrations on his penis! Defiantly great for beginners who want to spice things up a little!!

The cons, the ring was kind of hard to get on my partners penis he complained that it was to tight at first, but after we got it all the way on he no longer complained.I recommend maybe using some lube to put this on and of off( DO NOT USE THIS TOY NO LONGER THEN 30 MINUTES AT A TIME AND TAKE 60 MINUTES BREAK BETWEEN EACH USE).Some other cons the toy was very loud it can be heard through closed doors and the batteries die very easily ( so make sure to take the batteries out of the bullet after each use).I also wish that this toy had more vibration power.

Like all sex toys this should be washed before and after each use.Make sure to take out the bullet before cleaning because this is not waterproof. When cleaning make sure to clean out the bullet sleeve as well because it can harbor bacteria.This toy is made of jelly, so for cleaning use warm water and soap or a toy cleaner..make sure not to use strong soaps..and store the toy in a cool, dark place. You can use water and silcione lubricants with this toy.

Overall this is a great toy for beginners who want to spice up things a little. I know it might seem like their are a lot of cons but this product is pretty amazing and it does what its suppose to! It is tight enough to prolong ejaculation.

The Unstretched diameter is 1 1/4" while the stretched diameter is 2". If you man is bigger then average I don't recommend this product because it is a little too tight.

Note: You can also wear this product two ways,one where the bullet is pressed against your partners balls or where the bullet is pressed against your clitoris

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